Hit the Ground Running
23 May 2012
Inside the Classics

As I said in my last post, the full orchestra won’t be descending on Willmar until Thursday afternoon, but Sarah and two chamber ensembles have been there since Monday, and from the looks of the photos they’re sending back, they’re keeping well busy. (Click the images for full-size versions.)

This is way more brass than should ever be allowed in a radio studio.

Two generations of the same family watching the brass quintet perform at a local hospital.

Sarah leading the Willmar Middle School orchestra...

...and later that evening, leading the Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra in Dvorak's 4th.

Violist Matt Young chats with WASO musician Josh Pierskalka during a break in rehearsal.

Two trombonists, just chilling. MN Orch principal Doug Wright chatting with Willmar resident and amateur trombonist Bill Benson.

Meanwhile, back here in Minneapolis, I’m scrambling to pull together everything we’ll need for Friday’s Inside the Classics show in Willmar. (It’s a slightly retooled version of the Ravel program we did here during the 2010-11 season.) We’ll have only a few minutes to pull together our first-half shenanigans tomorrow afternoon, since we also have Daphnis & Chloe and La Valse to cover, and that’s before we even begin to worry about the entirely different Saturday night program, which must also be prepped in this one 2-1/2 hour rehearsal.

By the way, I should have mentioned this in my last post, but if anyone reading the blog is planning to come to any of the Willmar concerts this weekend, be sure to come up to the stage and say hi! Not just to me, either – this is one friendly orchestra, so if you or (even better) your kids have some questions, or just want to chat with a musician, don’t hesitate. We won’t bite, I promise.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go memorize my big monologue on the plot of Daphnis & Chloe. That one never sticks in my head, for some reason…

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