I Got Nothing. What’ve You Got?
7 May 2012
Inside the Classics

Ordinarily, when this blog goes dark for a week or more, it’s because I’m so absurdly overwhelmed with work that I haven’t had time to write. But this time – for the first time ever, I think, it happened because I’ve been unable to think of a single blessed thing to write about.

Rehearsals and concerts? Yeah, those have been going fine, but nothing out of the ordinary has happened lately, and I try not to use the blog as a straight promotional tool more than I have to.

Orchestra industry issues? Le sigh. I feel like we’ve been over and over and over those, and nothing’s really changed. The economy still sucks, some orchestra boards still think pensions are evil and unions don’t belong in the arts, and some loudmouthed consultants and bloggers who have a direct financial stake in people believing classical music is in crisis are still (surprise!) promoting the idea that classical music is in crisis. I can’t think of anything I’d less like to write about.

Zachary Woolfe’s takedown of the Met’s wildly popular HD movie theater simulcasts in yesterday’s Times? I don’t know. It’s an interesting discussion, but I just don’t feel like I have anything original to add. On the whole, I like opera much better in person, too, but I also get why someone in Omaha (or Minneapolis, for that matter, where live opera is locally available) would consider Woolfe’s piece a bit New York-elitist. I’m basically shrugging at this one.

So. Here’s what I propose. Let’s make this an open thread until I work through my writer’s block. If there’s anything music-related (doesn’t have to be orchestra-specific) you feel like talking about, asking about, or even just promoting, have at it in the comments. We used to do a regular feature called Ask an Expert, where readers submitted questions about the orchestra world, and I’d run down someone who knew the answers – we could do that as well. Or, if there’s a big, fascinating issue floating out there in the music world that I’m completely missing, you could just point it out. If any particular topic seems to be garnering a lot of interest, I’ll spin it out into a full post. Okay?

Okay. Go to it.

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