7 Apr 2012
Inside the Classics

I’ll get back to blogging about non-Judd-related subjects next week, as the orchestra returns from spring break and gets to work on yet another world premiere, but before we leave Acadia behind for the season, we’ll be inviting Judd back into our virtual Minnesota Orchestra world one more time.

As you may have noticed over on the sidebar, we’ll be devoting the week of April 16th to a sort of post-game wrap for the whole MicroCommission Project. I’ll be asking Judd to write about his experience with us, from the shock of first being approached to write a kind of piece that he doesn’t often write, to the rushed and hectic rehearsal process, to the feeling of being cheered by thousands of Minnesotans at the premiere. And since you, our hundreds of MicroCommissioners and thousands of readers/listeners, have been a vital part of this project from the outset, we want to include your thoughts and questions in the conversation as well.

To that end: if you’re comfortable leaving a question for Judd or a statement about your reaction to Acadia in our comments section, this post is the place to do that. If, for whatever reason, you’d rather drop your question or comment to me privately, I’m at sbergman[at] and I’ll be sure to acknowledge receipt. I may also get in touch with some of you who have commented on earlier posts and ask permission to use your thoughts in our broader conversation. Hopefully, we’ll all have a good time, Judd will gain an even greater appreciation for the intelligence and sophistication of Minnesota music fans than he already possesses, and I’ll get to make a few more Brooklyn references, which is apparently something I enjoy doing.

Oh, what the heck – here’s one now, just to give this post the tiniest bit of New York flavor. It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with music, but everything to do with hipsters, and hipsters, of course, represent the brightest, shiniest line connecting Minneapolis with Judd’s home borough. Brian Williams, take it away…

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