Frequent Fli(t)er
23 Feb 2012
Inside the Classics

So, you guys? Just in case my endless blather about this week’s rehearsal schedule hasn’t been enough to induce you to buy a ticket to Thursday’s or Sunday’s concerts – this? This here is our piano soloist, Ingrid Fliter, fresh off a 20-hour flight from God only knows where earlier this week, doing it up on a randomly placed grand piano at MSP Airport.

Hat tip to commenter Ken.

And if you like that free-spirited Chopin, just wait ’til you hear her play Schumann. Only problem I’m having with this clip is that I can’t quite figure out where this piano is at MSP. It’s clearly not baggage claim level, but I’m almost certain it’s outside the security perimeter. Is this on skyway level above the ticket counters? Help me out here, people.

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