Behind the Microphones
17 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics

As you may have heard, our latest CD came out last week – it’s the first disc in what will eventually be a complete set of the Sibelius symphonies – and the team from BIS Records also spent some time shooting some video of the recording sessions last June. They’ve woven some of the footage together into a nice little montage to promote the disc, which should be particularly interesting to those of you who only picture orchestra musicians in full white-tie-and-tails regalia.

Yes, Osmo is wearing a soccer jersey. For some reason, he was wearing a lot of those to rehearsal last spring/summer. (They do breathe very well, I suppose.) By the way, you can buy the disc here, or download it on iTunes if you prefer. I’m biased, of course, but having listened to it a couple of times now, I think it’s awfully good.

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