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2 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics

Happy New Year, all! I’m emerging from my holiday coma just in time for what is shaping up to be possibly the busiest month of the 2011-12 season. The orchestra jumps back into what some of us like to call “real” (read: non-Christmas) music later this week with our annual Composer Institute, which I’ll definitely be writing more about as we get into the rehearsal process. I’m not sure whether the folks at NewMusicBox have tapped one of the participating composers to blog the experience as they have in past years (I’ll update this post with a link if such a blog shows up in the coming days,) but for now, you can read a bit about the participants on our CI page, and enjoy this clip from one of them… (Update, 1/4: NewMusicBox just went live with their CI blogger, and by a remarkable coincidence, it’s the composer whose music appears below, Hannah Lash.)

Folksongs by Hannah Lash

After the FutureClassics concert wraps up on Friday night, we’ll dive into a furious two-week charge through seemingly most of the notes Brahms ever put down on paper with a couple of dazzling soloists,and then we’ll wrap up the month with our next round of Inside the Classics concerts, which I’m even now scrambling to finish scripting. It’s a daunting month, especially coming right after a two-week layoff and a solid month of Christmas programs, so we’ll need to kick ourselves into gear as an ensemble incredibly quickly.

In other news, I got just about the best Christmas present imaginable a week or so ago, when the final and complete score for Judd’s world premiere dropped into my inbox! (I know, I kind of buried the lead on this post – sorry about that.) I’ve commissioned music before, but the feeling of getting your first look at a new piece written especially for you just never gets old. Paging through Judd’s 187-page magnum opus, doing my dead level best to not just look at the viola line (we string players have terrible tunnel vision when it comes to orchestral scores,) I got almost giddy. Not just because it looks like a fantastic piece, which it does, but because this, finally, was the tangible evidence of what we (meaning all of you who donated to the MicroCom Project) just accomplished. It’s an incredible thing to have banded together to do, and I can’t wait for you all to hear the results in March.

Speaking of March, this is looking quite a ways out (and I’ll be sure to post reminders closer to the date,) but I’m also very excited to announce that the awesome Kate Nordstrum (the presenter responsible for bringing so many fantastic musicians to the Southern Theater over the past several years) has put together a showcase concert of New Amsterdam Records musicians at Bryant Lake Bowl the night before our MicroCommission premiere – Judd’s music will be featured along with pieces by Nico Muhly, Bill Brittelle, and Composer Institute alum Missy Mazzoli. (Also, my pal Nadia Sirota will be performing, and she’s worth the price of admission all by herself!) BLB’s a small venue, so you’ll want to get your tickets fast once they go on sale in February.

And speaking of Judd, there’s going to be plenty of him this month, as well! As with our first set of ItC concerts in November, Judd will be here for the Adams concerts at the end of January: we’ll be talking to him during the first half, he’ll meet up with MicroCom donors at intermission of both shows (those of you who donated will be getting an e-mail about that soon,) and four of my favorite colleagues in the orchestra will be putting a bow on the evenings’ festivities with a performance of At the End of a Really Great Day, a transcendently beautiful work for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello.

We’ll also be getting started shortly here on the blog with the next installment of The Listening Room, which this month will be focusing on a recording of two symphonies by the great Polish composer, Witold Lutoslawski. Details coming soon, as well as a tweaked format that we hope will make the conversation more accessible and easier to participate in.

Oh, and have I mentioned that every seat to every classical or ItC concert is 50% off at our online box office right now? Truth. But I’m told it ends after tomorrow, so you’re gonna want to get on that.

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