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5 Sep 2011
Inside the Classics

Yes, it’s been ages since I’ve posted and for that I apologize. For those of you who don’t know, I spent most of my summer doing this:

Boss and I onstage at the Montreux Jazz Festival

I places like this:

Piazza San Marco, Venezia. So many people showed up that it started sinking.

Traveling like this:

Oh, do I miss that private jet...

Or sometimes like this:

The running tour joke was to take pictures of people while they were sleeping on transportation. Which was often; it was a nutty schedule...

(Yes, it was pretty exhausting. I slept on the private plane. A lot.)

The Sting tour was an amazing experience, although the schedule was pretty crazy – 34 shows in 59 days, in the middle of which I flew to San Francisco for 5 days for concerts with the San Francisco Symphony. Please forgive the lack of blog presence for the past several months; it’s truly been an incredibly busy time, and I needed a couple of weeks afterwards to decompress!

Now that the season is about to roll out here in Minnesota I’ll be updating far more frequently; we have a fantastic season with Inside the Classics, as well as some cool new projects with the Minnesota Orchestra. Once I get my blogging mojo back I’ll be talking about all of that, as well as the usual thoughts on orchestras, musicians and the music industry in general.

In the meantime…Happy Labor Day!

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