Four on the Floor (Live!)
20 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics

After what felt like a solid week of driving, I’m back from parts East, and once again firmly ensconced in the mad dash that is Sommerfest. We spent this morning rehearsing this Friday’s all-Mozart program – two overtures, two arias, a violin concerto, and the Haffner Symphony – and we won’t see any of that music again until Friday afternoon, since we’ll be spending the next two days frantically putting together Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier. (The opera, by the way, is inexplicably not yet sold out, so jump on over to the box office if you want to see a truly amazing evening of music!)

Anyway, no sooner was I back in my chair in the viola section than librarian Paul Gunther appeared at my side to hand me a CD of last week’s performance of Judd‘s string quartet, Four on the Floor, which I’d promised to post here once I had it. To be brutally honest, the audio quality of our purely archival recordings isn’t great (they’re recorded not from MPR’s broadcast booth, but from the house mics that hang over the front of the stage and feed directly to the library,) but it should be good enough to give you an idea of what a cool, high-energy piece this is.

Our performance also wasn’t 100% perfect, of course (I’m still grimacing over a dumb mistake I made about halfway through, and the group intonation suffers a bit when Judd has us all playing ppp in the highest register of our instruments) but the audience was really into the piece, we had a great time playing it, and we’re champing at the bit to get another crack at it.

Speaking of which, if you’re coming to our first ItC concerts of the ’11-’12 season, you’ll have the chance to hear Four on the Floor live! As part of the lead-up to the big MicroCommission world premiere weekend next March, we’re replacing our usual post-concert Q&A sessions with special post-concert performances of some of Judd’s chamber works in both November and January. And of course, Judd will be on hand for those shows to talk about his work and start getting to know our audience in person. So there ya go: just one more reason to re-up your subscription for ’11-’12 if you haven’t already…

Late addendum: What, you need yet more convincing? Okay, fine. Here’s the latest from Judd’s Twitter feed, posted about an hour ago:

Actually, that 120 was the heat index, not the air temp, but yeah. Minny’s a little overheated just at the moment. Still, we promise not to melt before next March.

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