Playing From the Outside In
13 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics

I’m headed off on a road trip to upstate New York early tomorrow morning to see one of my very favorite cousins get married (and to provide a little musical backdrop as well,) so you likely won’t be hearing much from me on the blog until I get back to Minneapolis early next week. (Yes, this means I’m missing the big Beethoven 9 concerts, which I hate to do, but family is family, and I burned about a year’s worth of relief services to be able to make this trip. )

But before I start packing the car, I thought I’d leave you with the latest hilarious video on how to be a pretentious classical music twit from Juilliard violist Isabel Hagen, who clearly hasn’t changed much since I last saw her at summer camp, aged 13. When last we heard from Isabel, you might recall that she was advising us on how to convince friends and colleagues that you’re really good at chamber music. This time around, her subject is how to properly critique someone else’s performance and avoid the dreaded “I thought it was pretty good.”

(Viewer advisory: there is a bit of mild cursing in this clip, but nothing you couldn’t air on network TV at any hour of the day.)

And with that, I’m outta here. Eastbound and down. See you next week, Minnesota.

(Oh, and could you try to have this whole government shutdown thing sorted by the time I get back? That’d be great.)

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