Monday Morning Judd
11 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics

One of my favorite bloggers, MPR’s Bob Collins, has an excellent tradition of starting off his first post of the work week with a “Monday morning rouser.” It’s just a fun song, totally disconnected from anything else he’ll be writing, designed to put you in a slightly better mood than you might ordinarily find yourself on a Monday. (Unless you’re an orchestra musician, that is, since Monday is our weekend.)

I’m appropriating the rouser idea in order to share one of the coolest marriages of sound and film you’ll ever behold. The music is Judd’s piece, “Change,” from the NOW Ensemble’s latest disc (which you owe it to yourself to buy, by the way – it’s spectacular,) and the film is, in the words of its creator, Joshua Frankel, “about the architecture of New York City blasting off into outer space and resettling on Mars.” Well, of course it is.

Filmmaker and composer created their parts of this project separately, but always intended for them to be paired. The film actually premiered in May at New York’s Le Poisson Rouge with the NOW Ensemble playing the score live with the film, which must have been incredible, especially since the main characters in the film are the actual musicians in the group. (Judd shows up for the first time in the grocery line around 0:52.) You can read more about Plan of the City at filmmaker Frankel’s site. Or you could just hit the replay button, which I’ve been doing for two days now.

Speaking of Judd, our performance of his string quartet, Four on the Floor, seemed to be a big hit with the audience at our Sommerfest chamber music concert last night. (We’ll be playing it again this fall as a special post-concert concert at our first ItC shows of the season.) I’m told there was a recording made, so I’ll try to get some audio of the performance up once I have it…

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