Rite of Sting
25 Apr 2011
Inside the Classics

By some weird bit of scheduling and programming, I’m conducting all three of Stravinsky’s major ballets (and in chronological order, too!) between January and May; Firebird and Petrouchka with the North Carolina Symphony, and the Rite of Spring in our last Inside the Classics concerts in a couple of weeks. It’s been an interesting progression for me, because although I’ve conducted them all before, studying and performing them in succession like this has shed new light for me on the connection between the three piece, particularly between Petrouchka and Rite.

Hopefully I’ll post a bit more in detail about that later, particularly if any of you are interested in hearing all the music-geek analytical stuff that still gets me ridiculously excited, no matter how many times I’ve studied a piece.

Juxtaposed with the very traditional conductor-study time I’m putting in with M. Stravinsky are the many hours I’ve put into learning a ten pound stack of charts that I’ll be doing with Sting next week.

Yep, Sting. It’s been in the local press quite a bit, but for those of you farther afoot, I’m joining the European leg of his “Symphonicity” tour in June and July. Meanwhile, we’re doing a “warmup” show next week in NYC at the famed Apollo Theater. It’s a big show – over 20 charts – with some really fantastic arrangements including several by producer/arranger/composer/performer Rob Mathes and one by Michel Legrand (best known, perhaps for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, but you’ve gotta check out Les Demoiselles de Rochefort).

I suspect touring with a rockstar will be quite different from touring with an orchestra (the private jet being the least of it!), but I’m reasonably familiar with the rhythm of travel-perform-travel-perform, repeat. We’ll be using local orchestras, which I’m suspecting will present some very interesting challenges. I promise to keep you all posted on all the goings-on!

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