Friday Brevia
1 Apr 2011
Inside the Classics

On Monday I had the privilege of judging on a panel for Minnesota Varsity, a showcase for high school musicians – winners will be featured on April 17 at 2 p.m. at the Fitzgerald Theater. Naysayers may claim that classical music is neither relevant nor appealing to the younger set, but I dare anyone to listen to the incredibly committed (and often insightful) performances of any of the finalists and not come away moved.

An unusual sight that has greeted me every morning for a week now. The instruments are out of their cases because the cases were used during MicroCommission fundraising at our Inside the Classics concerts last week. We raised around $3000, putting us at half-way to goal; many, many thanks to our audience for their generosity, and for those of you in the blogosphere, please check out this project and become a part of the commissioning team!

Taken from my rental car in North Carolina two weeks ago. That mileage count was for a 5-day State Tour with the North Carolina Symphony (Monday through Friday). Yep, FIVE DAYS. That’s a lot of driving, starting at Raleigh and going to Asheville, Cherokee, Gastonia and many, many points in between. I’m always both amazed and proud how the NC Symphony delivers vibrant performances whether in their state-of-the-art home hall or in a “gymnatorium” in a community center in rural NC.

A bonus image from that same tour, taken on a Cherokee reservation. Half a dozen orchestra members and the stage crew took pictures of the same placard. I’ve always fancied being Principal Chief. Ah, the small pleasures of life on the road.

The Amazon Cloud Player was released earlier this week. I think it’s the future of music. Amazon still has a heap of licensing issues to contend with, which leaves the door open for others, but I’m betting that this is the technology that will most impact our music consumption.

Happy Friday!

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