Bonus Sarah!
21 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics

You can always tell when we’re coming up to a new Inside the Classics concert week, because things get suspiciously quiet here on the blog as Sarah and I scramble to get all our ducks in a row. No exception this time around, as the logistical complications of some of the fundraising we’re hoping to do for the MicroCommission at this weekend’s concerts have me a bit flummoxed, and I’m spending most of my time trying to work out what details haven’t yet been accounted for.

Fortunately, into the blogless breach steps none other than Minnesota Public Radio, which last night broadcast an hour-long “Bright Ideas” program featuring Sarah! And they were thoughtful enough to provide embeddable video of the whole event, which was pre-taped several weeks ago at MPR’s St. Paul studios. (This is raw video, so forgive host Stephen Smith the occasional stops and starts at the top of the show as he goes for a clean radio take of his intro.) Enjoy…

If you’re looking for the ItC-related part of the discussion, including how Sarah and I came to create the series back in 2007, that begins around the 23:50 mark…

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