Music of the North
9 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics

As long as we’re talking about new music and such, I thought I’d throw out the name of another composer who I’ve been really digging lately. John Luther Adams (not John Adams – whole different guy) is certainly not a newcomer on the scene, but his star has been rising considerably in recent years, and his perspective is one that I’m guessing my fellow Minnesotans will relate to…

Yeah, dude’s from Alaska, and somehow manages to stay on the radar screen of all the cool kids in New York and LA despite the fact that he insists on continuing to live in America’s largest state. My favorite part of that video is Adams’ statement that “I’m not interested in telling you a story. I’m not interested, any longer, in painting a picture of a specific place. I want to invite you to pay attention to this miraculous world in which we live.”

And that’s exactly what his music does. It makes you curious, in the best possible way, and then it rewards your curiosity with gorgeous, undulating textures and the skillful combining of old and new musical ideas. There’s more of his music on YouTube here and here, and much more available on CD and iTunes, if you care to pay for it.

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