4 Apr 2011
Inside the Classics
Sometimes, it seems like the cycle of bad news never ends in this business. The usual storyline goes like this: the economy hits a rock and starts taking on water, and orchestra endowments plummet as a result. Small and medium-sized regional orche...
1 Apr 2011
Inside the Classics
On Monday I had the privilege of judging on a panel for Minnesota Varsity , a showcase for high school musicians – winners will be featured on April 17 at 2 p.m. at the Fitzgerald Theater. Naysayers may claim that classical music is neither rele...
29 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
Okay, this is profoundly silly, but too much fun not to link to: in response to an interesting but somewhat controversial article in New York magazine about the new generation of New York composers (including Judd,) Chicago-based composer and ...
25 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
Posts tagged as Cutting Room Floor are where we put all the material relevant to our Inside the Classics concerts that we don’t have time to get to in the actual shows. Some of it is serious, some of it is silly, and some of it is just extra inf...
25 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
Way back at the beginning of this month, when I was kicking around New York for a few days following the orchestra’s annual Carnegie Hall concert, our MicroCommission composer Judd Greenstein was kind enough to invite me to his Brooklyn apartment ...
24 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
The topic is conductors again over at the Washington Post , as Anne Midgette discusses Muti, Levine and the importance of the conductor in the whole scheme of things. All of which is fine, although, frankly, I get a little tired with the discuss...
23 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
In addition to getting ready for our Inside the Classics concerts (almost sold out, by the way, so if you want a ticket, you’d best get on it !) this week, the orchestra is playing a set of Young People’s Concerts with Courtney Lewis on the...
21 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
You can always tell when we’re coming up to a new Inside the Classics concert week, because things get suspiciously quiet here on the blog as Sarah and I scramble to get all our ducks in a row. No exception this time around, as the logistical co...
16 Mar 2011
North Carolina Symphony Blog
The orchestra is traveling in western North Carolina this week, presenting concerts to young people in Asheville, Cherokee, Shelby and Lincolnton. We spoke with Associate Conductor Sarah Hicks about what she and the orchestra will be doing and why...
15 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
Honestly, I think my favorite part about this blog is the stuff you people come up with in the comments. Just this past week, we were having a perfectly ordinary discussion about why orchestra audiences do or don’t appreciate new music (and Elwood...
12 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
Thanks to my old friend Barrie Hardymon, (who isn’t reading this* because she’s busy being a new mom!) I have become mildly obsessed with a weekly podcast put out by some of the behind-the-scenes nerds at NPR. It’s called Pop Culture Happy Hour...
11 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
Literally. Since turning on CNN in the hotel room this morning, it’s been a tumultuous day. You’ll have all heard by now about the magnitude 8.9 earthquake off the northeast coast of the Honshu (main) island of Japan, and we’ve all been shocked ...
8 Mar 2011
The Minnesota Orchestra's performance of Sibelius's Kullervo on March 1, 2010, was described by Alex Ross in The New Yorker "as the kind you hear once or twice a decade." Here, Minnesota Orchestra violist Sam Bergman describes the impa...
8 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
As long as we’re talking about new music and such, I thought I’d throw out the name of another composer who I’ve been really digging lately. John Luther Adams (not John Adams – whole different guy) is certainly not a newcomer on the scene, but...
5 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
I’m finally back home in Minneapolis after a whirlwind week in New York, and I must say, I’m extremely disappointed that you people didn’t manage to dispense with this whole “winter” thing while I was gone. I mean, honestly. The lead attendant o...
3 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
…when enough is enough? For the Boston Symphony and James Levine, stepping out of scheduled performances of a highly-anticipated Mahler 9 was the back-breaking straw; Levine will officially step down from his music director position on Septembe...
1 Mar 2011
Inside the Classics
Well, our Carnegie Hall concert is officially in the books (generally favorable reviews here and here , and one I can’t make heads or tails of here .) Most of the orchestra is already back in Minneapolis, but I’m spending the next few days sta...
27 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
The Orchestra’s off to Carnegie ; I’m enjoying a few days at home before I take off for 3 weeks on the road. Apropos of nothing (thus the blog title), some of you remember that I’ve posted about an opera written in Klingon a couple of times...
24 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
I try to avoid flogging our subscription concerts in this space on a regular basis, and I know this is two weeks in a row, but I promise you this is for your own good. If you live in the Cities, you’ve got one more chance to hear this week’s pro...
23 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
Hi! Sorry. I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth, as some my have suspected, although I’ve been terribly remiss in the blog department. Blame it on 10 days of particularly tiring travels (4 states in a week is rough) as well as gettin...
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